Complete history of Solo Leveling 2024 explained

solo leveling Jin-woo sung

When the story of Solo leveling begins, there was only light and darkness.

There was an Absolute Being, whom you can consider the god of this universe. Using his powers, the Absolute Being created celestial messengers from light (later known as Rulers). He also created eight Monarchs from darkness.

The Absolute Being commanded these two bands. And the orders for both sides were opposite.

The Monarchs were given the responsibility to destroy the world, while the Rulers were given the responsibility to save the world.

These two groups proceeded to fight one another. The conflict lasted for eternity. There was no end to their conflict.

One day, tired of this never-ending fight, the most brilliant fragment of light, i.e. a Ruler, goes to the Absolute Being. He asks the Absolute Being, to give the Rulers some powers so they can destroy the Monarchs and end the war.

Despite hearing these words, the Absolute Being does not respond. This was the moment; the Rulers realized the Absolute Being had no interest in putting an end to the battle. He is only doing it for his enjoyment. That is why he forces Rulers and monarchs to fight to entertain himself.

There were three commandments of the Absolute Being:

  1. First, that everyone will worship the Absolute Being.
  2. Secondly, that everyone will praise the Absolute Being.
  3. And the third commandment is that they will be loyal to the Absolute Being.

This commandment also states that anyone who violates these three rules will be killed. However, the Rulers believe that people who follow these rules are also killed in the fight for no reason. That is why the Rulers decided to kill the Absolute Being. Because as long as the Absolute Being exists, the war will continue.

There was just one Ruler who was against killing the Absolute Being. He was Ashborn, and he was said to be the most powerful Ruler, the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light. But the other Rulers teamed together against him and defeated Ashborn. They almost killed him and dumped him to die. But then something happened. Ashborn suddenly got up. But this time it’s from the dark side.

Ashborn possessed a special power given to him by the Absolute Being. With the help of this hidden power, when Ashborn says “Arise“, the individuals who died in the fight return as his shadow army.

This ability was given to Ashborn because the Absolute Being understood that if the Rulers killed him, he could utilize it as a failsafe.

With his new army, Ashborn sets out to save the Absolute Being. But by the time he got to him, it was too late since the Rulers had killed him.

A common question that arises in most Solo Leveling fans is, if the Absolute Being was the creator, the most powerful being, how did he lose to the Rulers? The Absolute Being was a creator, but he was not a warrior. He could make anything. He possessed boundless power. But he couldn’t fight. He couldn’t defend himself. So he got killed in the hands of the Rulers.

These Rulers took over the powerful tools made by the Absolute Being. With the help of this, they will be capable of defeating Monarchs. Their first prey was Legia, who is the Monarch of Beginning, also known as the King of Giants.

Because the Rulers had become more powerful than Monarchs, this shook off the power balance. Now taking advantage of this situation, Ashborn joined hands with Monarchs. From then, he was known as the Shadow Monarch. Now since Ashborn changed sides, Monarchs once again were powerful enough to rival Rulers. And a war broke out again, which went on for centuries. Meaning that because of the Shadow Monarch, the power was now balanced.

If you think about it, the longer the fight goes on, the more loss Rulers will incur. Because the Shadow Monarchs will gather the dead in his army. The same happened because, at one point, the Shadow Monarchs had become so powerful that even the Monarchs were also starting to get scared.

So because of this fear, the two Monarchs join hands secretly and they backstabbed the Shadow Monarchs. In this battle, the Shadow Monarch’s army suffers a heavy loss. But the Shadow Monarch does not give up so easily. He beats these two Monarchs very badly.

These two Monarchs were the Rakan, Monarch of Fangs, and Demon King Baran, Monarch of White Flames.

At the end of the battle, the Rakan runs away from the battlefield. But Baran was not that lucky, the Shadow Monarch absorbed him.

Now as soon as Baran died, the Rulers appeared around the Shadow Monarch and surrounded him.

But instead of fighting him they regret their past actions and apologize to Ashborn.

But Ashborn insists that all the Rulers killed his master together, so he will not apologize to them and tells the Rulers to kill him. Even after hearing all this, the Rulers do not kill Ashborn they apologize and leave. Now, seeing the big heart of these Rulers, Ashborn also feels ashamed somewhere, and that’s why he goes into hiding (also to heal the body).

Now, at the right time, Ashborn plans to take revenge on the Monarchs and plans an attack on them. But at that time the Rulers almost killed the Monarchs, and the remaining were forced to hide in the Dimensional Rift, and the Shadow Monarch reached there. There he meets with the King of Dragon, the strongest Monarch alive at that time.

Now, the King of Dragon unexpectedly welcomes the Shadow Monarch instead of fighting. So, he welcomed Shadow Monarch and did not engage in a fight.

Following this, the Monarchs began secretly rebuilding their army while hiding from the Rulers. They desired a new world to capture and destroy, and that world was our Earth. The Rulers eventually discover the plan, but by the time they get on Earth, the Monarchs have caused chaos, the Earth has been destroyed, and all humanity has died.

Rulers have a great tool at their disposal to correct their mistakes, created by the Absolute Being. It is known as the Cup of Reincarnation and can turn back time by ten years. This means that if we go back ten years when the Earth was thriving and humanity was alive, the Rulers could reach there and save the Earth.

After ten years, the Rulers and Monarchs have gathered on Earth, but the end remains the same: whether the Monarch or the Rulers win, humanity will be wiped out.

In a situation like this, the Rulers decided that they would familiarize the humans with Mana (the source of most skills and magic in Solo Leveling). So when the war broke out between Rulers and the Monarchs, some humans survive ensuring the future of Human Civilization.

So the Rulers open gates in the Human world, which are called dungeons, and inside them contains some monsters. They also select some humans as vessels. So they could born inside them and defeat the Monarchs.

Ashborn does the same but is unable to find anybody that can hold his immense powers. But an entity named Architect Helps Ashborn to find his perfect vessel. Ashborn has a particular condition that the vessel should be weak and always closest to death, And surprisingly that vessel is our protagonist Sung Jinwoo.

The Architect also made the System which was later used by Jinwoo, So that he could become stronger and achieve all the physical capabilities to attain the powers of Ashborn.

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