Kraven The Hunter: Trailer breakdown and comics differences

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The first trailer for “Kraven the Hunter” has arrived, and it gives us our first glimpse at Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s take on the legendary Marvel villain. The teaser establishes Kraven’s backstory, showing him growing up with a passion for hunting and a goal to be the best.

Overall, the trailer is a promising beginning for “Kraven the Hunter.” This will be a new type of superhero film, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

So, in this article, we are breaking down the trailer and explaining how the film differs from the comic book version.

Disclaimer: The Article contains some spoilers.

If we do step by step trailer breakdown so the trailer opens in the city of London. In the next scene, we got to see Kraven, and in the next few sequences, it explains the powers of Kraven, which he uses to track a car and starts to chase the car and eventually, he rips off the car’s doors and brutally kills all the peoples inside the car.

In the next shot, we see the father of Kraven who is played by Russell Crowe. The full name of Kraven The Hunter is Sergey Kravenov and his father’s name is Nikolai Kravenov and they belong to the Kravenov family. In the comics, there is not much information about his father but in the movie, it seems that it will explore the background of him very well. And we will see another main character who has Daddy issues, just joking!

But it seems that Sergei’s father Nikolai treats him very harshly and wants to grow his child into a hardcore, rough man. He appears to be in the business of animal poaching, since there are heads of tigers hanging in his office, as well as wolf skins, teeth, and horns of animals. But his son Sergei didn’t agree with his ideology. Further in the trailer his father sends him directly in front of a lion with a gun and says to kill it, but he is unable to kill that lion and instead, it attacks Sergei.

In this trailer, it is shown that Kraven got all his powers from a lion bite. After that scene, Kraven says that “I literally saw death in front of me”. And then we’re told that “now he has a connection with animals,” which he uses to track down his target and then assassinate them, and he doesn’t kill everyone. He has a list, and if I had to guess, it includes all those that hunt animals since he is an animal lover. However, following this, several good sections of the trailer are shown, including some pretty viciously R-rated sequences. And I enjoyed how these individuals believed that if we wanted to produce an R-rated film, we should simply go full R-rated. Because if someone’s neck is being sliced, they are displaying it extremely vividly. I enjoyed the scene where Kraven shreds a person’s nose.

And then we see Ariana DeBose’s character Calypso, who in this film is positive and not like in the comics in which she was an evil character. We will discuss more about her comic version later in the article.

But then there’s a pretty amazing sequence in which we see a bunch of spiders falling from a tree, and I don’t think I need to explain to you what Sony is trying to do. Sony did this extremely effectively in Venom: Let There Be Carnage too, giving us a minor easter egg, showing a spider creeping on the newspaper, and everyone went insane that Spiderman Andrew Garfield is spotted! But nothing happened. So, don’t keep your expectations high because this probably won’t happen this time also.

But the scene after this is a bit interesting because, in it, we can see Kraven having a confrontation with his father. He grabs his father’s hand in his own office and after a while, he opens a box kept in his father’s office, out of which comes out his trademark comic book accurate jacket.

Another interesting part in the trailer is when a man says, “Do you know why they call me rhino?” Then he gets an injection, and his arm begins to transform into a rhino. So, it seems reasonable that he’d be Rhino, another Spider-Man adversary. We had previously met Rhino in Amazing Spiderman, but he was in a mechanical form. However, in this film, we will witness a somewhat different version. This, however, is not comic-accurate. Rhino’s true name is Aleksi Sytsevich in the comics, and the plot is simple. He’s a typical man in need of money who is duped by two people who claim to have experimental armor. If he wears the armor, he will receive a large sum of money, and as soon as he does, he discovers that the entire armor has been permanently boarded with him. And that is why he has always resembled Rhino. The rhino in this film will be inspired by comic books, therefore its skin will resemble that of a rhino.

So, in the comics, Kraven the Hunter is not an anti-hero he is a pure villain and an enemy of Spiderman. He is a member of the Sinister 6. He is an expert tracker.

Before becoming Kraven, the hunter, and Spiderman’s ominous villain he was a normal hunter. He got all his powers from a sorcerer named Calypso, who is also the love interest. So, she gives Kraven various types of elixirs and magical portions, due to which he gets super speed, super strength, and the power of smelling from a long distance. By using this he becomes an expert hunter. Such powers are found by which he can fight with lions, can smell wild animals from a distance, and other abilities which we have been shown doing Kraven in the movie as well.

And coming back to Calypso, she is an evil character in comics. She can do voodoo, black magic, witchcraft, and many more things.

I think this movie may be based on the Serums from which our Kraven also got his powers. So, the lion may be genetically enhanced by using serum and when it bites Kraven, he got his powers from the lion. And the man who is shown becoming Rhino may have also been given the same drug. And all the serums and drugs may be made of animal DNA splicing and other DNA replication methods.

This may be the reason that Kraven got Lions powers while Rhino will get the powers of a rhino. And I think Rhino may not be the main villain of the movie, he may be the side villain who will be defeated by Kraven. I think the main villain still hasn’t been shown yet. Kraven’s brother Dimitri may be the main villain because in the comics he is the half-brother of Kraven and he is The Chameleon, who is the villain of Spiderman, who can change its form to anything within a matter of seconds. And he may get his powers from the serum extracted from Chameleon by conducting genetic experiments.

We’re not seeing that there’s a figure in this picture that can transform into anything. “The Possibilities Are Limitless.” They are showing you something different, and you are feeling something different.

Having been said, these all are my own opinions and any of these are not official.

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I think Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the perfect cast for Kraven The Hunter. And Kraven The Hunter is Sony Pictures’ first R-rated film, and I am quite thrilled about it. I hope they don’t botch this film as they did Morbius.


How did Kraven the Hunter get his powers?

In this trailer, it’s shown that he got his powers from a lion bite. But in comics, he got his powers from a magical sorcerer lady named Calypso.

Is Kraven the Hunter good or bad?

In comics, Kraven is an intimidating villain of Spiderman. But in the trailer, he is shown as an Anti-hero.

When the kraven the hunter film will release ?

kraven the hunter film is scheduled to release on August 30, 2024

Was Kraven ever venom?

Yes, Kraven the Hunter has been Venom in the comics. In the 2019 miniseries Spider-Man: Life Story, a version of Kraven dying of cancer becomes Venom by bonding with the symbiote.