Loki S2 episode 6 breakdown: All details covered

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The season 2 finale of Loki was a perfect episode. And I’m happy that Marvel has finally learned to stick their landing spots because this season was absolutely mind-blowing.

The first thing that comes into notice, is the intro music and the logo of Marvel Studios is playing in reverse. The music of this entire season was superb, especially the last sequences.

loki time slips

First of all, we see Loki timeslipping and reaching exactly the same location where his other variants were supposed to be.

The first question that comes to our mind is that if Loki reached another timeline through time slipping, then where did his other variant go, that exists in that timeline? Because when we saw Loki in the previous episodes, he used to travel to other timelines, but his other variant also co-existed there.

When someone time-slips to another timeline, they coexist with their alternate self in that timeline. Then how did this happen? Although it was not explained to us very well, but as far as I understood, Loki has now learned to timeslip, and he has all the powers of time under his control, so he knows how to manipulate time. And his other variants did not coexist because he was replacing himself with the other self. Which we have seen in this entire episode. When he was sitting and talking to Mobius, we’ve seen him time slipping inside himself.

Yes, Loki Spent many centuries learning about the temporal loom, quantum physics, mechanics, and engineering just because they (Mobius and Loki’s allies) were not fast enough to execute Loki’s plans to save the multiverse.

One question pops up in everyone’s mind that how is he able to pull off this while having finite time? So, the answer is: – Suppose that Loki starts learning from point A to Z, but he only has time to learn from point A to B and after that, the temporal loom will burst. So, he learns from point A to B, then timeslips himself to past then he starts to learn from where he left (Point B) and repeats this cycle until he reaches point Z. This whole cycle of learning took him centuries to complete.

The branches forming from the sacred timeline are infinite and can’t be controlled with the Throughput Multiplier, Loki realizes that the only way to stop this is to stop the sacred timeline from branching in the first place. If the Sacred Timeline does not branch, it will never burst.

Then Loki time slips and reaches the citadel of Season 1 where Sylvie is about to kill, He Who Remains. And stops her from killing He Who Remains.

This was all planned by the He Who Remains very smartly from season 1. He knew what was going to happen, he already planned everything accordingly so that Loki could save him from Sylvie.

It was all planned like a snake eating its own tail.

Also, Episode 1 starts with the same name “Ouroboros.”

Fun fact: Loki quotes two lines “We die with the dying. We’re born with the dead” from the book Four Quartets written by 20th century famous poet T.S. Elliot. Season 2 of Loki is heavily inspired by him and his writings.

loki temporal loom

So Temporal loom acts as a safe that keeps the sacred timeline from branching further by pruning the unwanted extra timelines. And if the temporal loom overloads, then it will explode and along with that the TVA will also be deleted from the timeline.

Loki once again reaches back to his time and gives a wonderful dialogue there. He says to all his friends “For you, for all of us” and this is the same dialogue he said to his father Odin in Thor 1. And then we witness an epic sequence, which I think is one of the best sequences of the MCU. Loki dismantles the entire temporal loom, and the entire sacred timeline shatters. The colors go out of the timelines, and they stop glowing. Meaning it starts dying. Then Loki uses his magic to revive them. He slowly holds each timeline and revives them one by one.

Here Loki also gets a new costume with horns. If you notice, its horns are made of the same material that the “Citadel of the End of Time” was made of.

And just slowly he drags all those timelines and reaches on the Citadel which is completely broken. A little while ago Sylvie having a conversation with Loki, where she tells him “You just want the throne” Loki tells her “I don’t want the throne, I Just Want You to Be Okay ” but the irony is that Loki is sitting on the throne.

He holds all those timelines and sits on the throne. A cape is being formed behind him which is the cape of timelines. This whole throne is being imbibed with a golden liquid. After collecting all the timelines Loki fuses those timelines and uses his magic to revive them. All the timelines are revived by Loki’s magic. And everything becomes green in color.

loki glorious purpose

And all the timeline takes the shape of an Yggdrasil (A sacred ash tree in Norse Mythology that connects the nine realms of existence). We can see Loki between the timelines, but he knew that his glorious burden is his glorious sacrifice.

We see Ravonna Renslayer in the void. Near her, we see a large pyramid which may be the indication of Rama tut (Another variant of Kang).

Is Loki Season 3 confirmed?

There has been no official announcement from Marvel Studios about a third season of Loki.

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