Loki season 1 short recap: Everything you need to know before season 2

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After gaining much success from Season 1, Tom Hiddleston’s most famous character ‘Loki’ is back with its new season. The Season 2 of Loki is right on the doorstep, just waiting to be unwrapped.

The Loki Season 2 will consist of 6 episodes like the prequel.

It will be released in the US on 5th October on Disney Plus. Which will be releasing one episode per week, every Friday.

In this blog, I am recapping the complete Loki Season 1. So, if you failed to remember what you’ve watched or want a quick refresher of Season 1, please remain until this recap’s conclusion.

It will be Short and simple to save your time.

Loki Season 1 Recap

In Season 1, we saw that after dying in Infinity War, the second Loki in Avengers Endgame escapes from that timeline, but there he is soon captured by some mysterious people who call themselves the agents of TVA, or Time Variance Authority.

Later we come to know that the Time Variance Authority is a Multiversal Agency. Which works to maintain the sacred timeline. And if anything by any chance breaks that timeline then it is called a Variant and by doing this multiple timelines will start to be created. Hence, these timelines eventually will collide with each other, and everything will start getting destroyed.

Here Loki meets two or three new characters. First of all, there is a judge whose name is Ravonna Renslayer played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and she spends her entire time working to run the Time Variance Authority. After that he meets Agent M. Mobius and Agent B15 who is very strict.

Loki season 1 recap

Now Loki The “God of Mischief”, does not believe all these things and he feels that some prank is being played on him and he immediately tries to run away from there. But then Agent Mobius catches him and shows him all the events that he had to face if he didn’t escape from that timeline. After watching all the events from Avengers One till Infinity War where he dies, Loki starts having tears in his eyes. He comes to realize the numerous losses he has experienced throughout his life. Meaning, technically now he has become the same Loki that we saw in the MCU.

But after this comes the twist in the story. Because we are told that there is somebody that all the TVA people are worried about. Because it is trying to disrupt the sacred timeline and the TVA people are somehow unable to catch it. Now no one knows anything about what it is and who it is. But still, Loki finds the variant. He says that whoever is that guy, is trying to hide itself in the apocalypses. Because if Apocalypse comes in any timeline, then that place will be automatically destroyed and because of this, no matter how much you tamper with that place, it will not be reflected on TVA monitors.

After seeing this, Mobius and Loki reach the Roxxcart shopping mall in the timeline of 2050 to catch that Varient, where they meet that person and it turns out, she is Loki’s own Variant, whose name is Sylvie.

Sylvie manages to take all the reset charges from TVA that they use to prune the timeline. She takes it and scatters it on different timelines. Because of this, multiple timelines start getting created. And with this lucky opportunity, Sylvie and Loki escapes from the TVA.

Then after this they reach Lamentis one, from where the story goes back and forth, after roaming a long time they again reach TV where they meet the Timekeepers. By the time Sylvie and Loki reach there, many things have changed. Because Sylvie has told all these people that Mobius, The TVA agents, and all the people who are working on TVA, were actually variants that existed in some timeline, who had their own lives, but they were brought here and brainwashed and their freedom was taken away.

Loki and Sylvie fight the agents there, but sadly Loki also gets pruned (Sent to the Void dimension). But by then Sylvie blows off the necks of the Timekeepers sitting there, and plot twist: we find out that the Timekeepers sitting there are robots, which means that someone is behind this TVA.

Sylvie then prunes herself because she realizes that there’s something unusual about all the people who are getting pruned. Then we get to know that they are sent to an alternate dimension called “The Void“.

The Void is very interesting because in this dimension all those things reach which should not exist in Marvel’s timeline and that is why we got to see a lot of easter eggs here.

Loki season 1 recap

After reaching the void Loki meets with his variance and explores the dimension with them. Later he learns about “Alioth” which is a monster that protects the void like a giant dog.

Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius conclude that to uncover the mystery that who is responsible for all these things they somehow have to get ahead of Alioth.

Then Loki and Sylvie with the help of his variant old Loki try to illusionize Alioth. After the sacrifice of Old Loki, they both manage to defeat Alioth and reach the castle called “Citadel At The End Of Time”.

There they meet with “The He Who Remains” Who is a variant of Kang The Conquerer. According to him he created the whole sacred timeline and is responsible for all the events that happened in the MCU. But at the same time, he is bored with everything and now he wants freedom.

He also offers them a choice: let him continue to control the multiverse, or kill him and destroy the multiversal timeline and allow it to branch out into chaos.

And he warns that if Sylvie kills him all of his variants will again start a multiversal war. But Sylvie without caring about all of these things kills “The He Who Remains”. And as a result, the multiverse starts to branch out.

kang statue
Loki season 1 recap

But then by deceit, Sylvie once again sends Loki to TVA, who upon reaching there realizes that there is something wrong because Mobius does not recognize him. None of the agents recognize him and when he reaches the center of the hall, where the Timekeepers’ statue should have been, there is a statue of another variant of The He Who Remains, who was Kang the Conqueror.

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What can fans expect from Loki season 2?

Loki season 2 is expected to explore the consequences of the multiverse being opened up.

What is a variant?

A variant is a version of a person who has deviated from the Sacred Timeline.

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