Loki season 2 trailer breakdown. Watch out the hidden details here!

Loki season 2 trailer breakdown


The Loki Season 2 trailer is out now. The trailer is beautifully messed up with lots of details that a normal fan will not observe the hidden easter eggs and details without watching it two or four times.

We have seen some visually chaotic but aesthetically pleasing scenes in this trailer.

So, for your convenience, I am breaking down this trailer in this blog. And we will discuss some hidden details and Easter eggs of the Loki season 2 trailer.

This Article Contains Some Spoilers About the Loki Season 2

Loki Season 1 short recap

Loki, an Asgardian god time-traveling with the help of the Time Stone, is captured by the TVA, an organization that controls the timeline. Loki is forced to work with the TVA to catch another time-traveling variant, Sylvie. Along the way, Loki learns more about himself and the TVA, and he makes some tough choices that have big consequences for the multiverse.

Loki season 2 Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with Loki and Mobius finding O.B. (played by Ke Huy Quan) who is TVA’s tech support and works in the repairs and advancement department. OB’s office is situated in the basement of the TVA and it’s confirmed in a scene where Mobius and Loki go inside a lift and press the ground floor button. His office has equipped with a Pneumatic tubes system. And this matches with the steampunk concept of TVA.

Mobius reached out to OB to address the problem of Time Slipping happening with Loki.

The animation depicting time slipping appears to be sloppy and fluid, but it looks aesthetically pleasing. But don’t confuse it with Spiderman Across the Spider-verse because in Across the Spider-verse whenever Miles or any other Characters glitch they don’t go anywhere but stay in the same place, but in this case, Loki glitches into the universe and as far as I think he is doing time travel by glitching and that is why the thing is named Time Slip because he is going forward and backward in time.

In the next scene, Loki goes into the future and meets the future variant of him reading a diary. It seems that particular variant was not shocked by the sight of Loki’s time slipping, as he was already aware of what was happening. He was standing in front of a television screen where it was seen that the sacred timeline has been burning and it seems that the condition of TVA is not good.

In the next shot, we get to see Sylvie. By the looks of it seems that she’s in a record or music shop. Later in the scene, we see some distortions happening in the surroundings and my guess is it may be an incursion event.

Incursions are big events in Marvel comics. In which two big earths collide with each other.

It seems that the timeline Sylvie is currently in is coming to an end, potentially marking the first incursion within the MCU.

In the next scene, we see Loki with a pruning stick, and with the help of it, he prunes a whole wall which reveals a giant statue of Kang the Conqueror. In the same scene, we see Mobius in the corner looking confused. Loki proceeds to show him the reality of the situation. It may be the continuation shot of Loki season one. Later, they go on a new timeline, and there’s a room in the corner with the no. 157. It may be an Easter egg from Thor’s 157 comic book issue.

Then later in the scene, we see them going into a park. And further in the same park, we see Miss Minutes wreaking havoc.

The next scene is of a movie premiere, where a red vintage car is parked at the front, where ARK 158H is written. And the ark may be the Easter egg for the previous season. Because on the planet Lamentis, there is a big ship named ARK.

The major noticeable thing in the same scene is the name “Zaniac” on the poster.

Zaniac is a supervillain in the Marvel comics who was created by Dormammu in the dark dimension and sent to Earth to torture and torment the innocent.

So, Zaniac is also responsible for his creation of “Jack the Ripper”. After Jack’s death, Zaniac leaves his body and inhabits the body of an actor named Brad Wolfe. Brad has the same repressed feelings as Jack. And the funny thing is that he is working on Zaniac’s movie. So, Brad takes his character so seriously that he sets out to murder a woman, but Thor steps in and stops him.

In the next scene, we can see a man getting beaten by Loki. He is Brad Wolfe, played by Rafael Casal. He will be the secondary villain in the series.

Another Easter egg is again from the Zaniac poster. So, in the poster, there’s written “Goodman Productions”, so it’s an Easter egg for Martin Goodman, the creator of Timely Comics which eventually become Marvel Comics in 1939.

In the following scene, a captivating detail unfolds as the Citadel from season 1 is shown in ruins, yet the body of “He Who Remains” remains uncorrupted.

This trailer’s main part is when we see Mobius wearing a space suit and going to fix the timeline, which is tangled up.

In the next scene, We see Sylvie with a sword and she’s going to kill someone. Based on the theme of the scene, we can assume it takes place during the medieval era.

But in the next scene enters Victor Timely, a variant of Kang from the past. It’s likely that he hasn’t yet discovered time travel. We can assume this because the machine behind him is Lightening and seems to be a time-traveling machine.


To sum it up, this season will feature Loki teaming up with Mobius and others to stop the malevolent versions of “He who remains,” the creator of the TVA.

Loki season 2 is released on Disney Plus on October 5, 2023.

If you liked the season 2, so don’t miss these hidden details and check out the Loki S2 breakdown: All details covered.


When is Loki season 2 coming out?

Marvel Studios have confirmed it that. Loki is releasing on October 6.

How many episodes will be in Loki season 2?

The Loki season 2 will have six episodes.