Pink Godzilla explained in the Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire 2024

godzilla the new empire

In the previous Monsterverse movies, we saw Godzilla in two colors Blue and Orange.

The blue color is Godzilla’s original color, when he uses his atomic breath.

But during the battle with Ghidorah, he absorbed nuclear energy from Mothra which gave him Thermonuclear powers and turned him into orangish-red color.

But why all of a sudden Godzilla is Pink now in the recent Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire? Why his arms are longer?

We will find out different possibilities and theories behind the evolution in this article.

According to this theory, It is not the original Godzilla it may be a female Godzilla that has taken the place of our original Monsterverse Godzilla.

Although in Japanese films, Godzilla is not considered Male or Female rather it was shown as a gender-neutral kaiju. But in the Monster verse, it is shown as a male kaiju.

And she will help Kong throughout the movie. And our main male Godzilla is hibernating in the depths of the Hollow Earth.

But I don’t think that this theory is correct and neither the Godzilla is female.

There has been a war between the species of Godzilla and Kong for millions of years. And both of them used to be each other’s mortal enemies. For this reason, when Godzilla senses Kong around him, he starts attacking. But by the end of the Godzilla X Kong movie, both of them make a vow to each other that they will never fight in the future. But if you think once and see that if a new Godzilla comes in the place of the former, whether it is male or female, then it will not know the understanding between the two of them. So why would that new Godzilla help its mortal enemy?

So it’s sure that it is the original male Godzilla, not some female one. It’s evolved.

So according to the other theory, it may be because of the crystal we have seen in the trailer. In a part of the trailer, we can see that Kong is entering the hollow earth with its axe which is made up of Godzilla’s dorsal plate. In that scene, we saw many Blue and Pink crystals. And in one scene the axe of Kong starts glowing. If the axe is glowing near the crystals, then there is some possibility that the crystals are charging the axe. Similarly, the crystals are charging Godzilla and helping him to evolve.

But Godzilla is in the Antarctic surface so how is this possible? The answer to this will be the high radioactivity of the crystals, that its powers can reach the surface level.

Anyway, the crystal is going to play an important role in the movie.

Physical alternation of Godzilla after being defeated by Mechagodzilla. After being defeated by Mechagodzilla, Godzilla thought that he might need some kind of physical change. Because Mechagodzilla has long arms and a lean body compared to the shorter arms and bulky body of Godzilla. So, he hibernated in Antarctica and after years of prolonged absorption of radiation, evolved. Now we can see Godzilla’s lean body and longer arms in the trailer.

Mechagodzilla was also powered by hollow earth energy and it was very powerful, Godzilla used the same hollow earth energy to evolve himself.

But can Godzilla really alter his physical appearance? The answer is yes in the Toho Universe, Godzilla changed its physical appearance many times throughout the franchise.

And this is why Monsterverse Godzilla is pink and lean in shape. He is constantly upgrading his physical appearance.

These are all theories and nothing is officially confirmed. But some of them match the lore of Monsterverse.

What Color was the original Godzilla?

Charcoal gray or black.

When is Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire releasing?

It is releasing on April 12, 2024.