Superman Gets a New Face: David Corenswet the Man of Steel of Superman Legacy (2025)

Superman David Corenswet


So, after a long wait, DC has found its new face of Superman under the leadership of James Gunn. So, it’s finally confirmed that David Corenswet will be the new Clark Kent AKA Superman, and Rachel Brosnahan will be playing Lois Lane. He will be starring in the 2025 Superman Legacy movie.

Lois lane

My Thoughts

Hearing this news, there is happiness in my heart, but at the same time, there is a pain because we’ve been watching Henry as Superman for a very long time. It doesn’t mean that I’m unhappy, I have seen David Corenswet in Pearl, he is very handsome and has a good physique, and looks like an Ideal American. I am very happy with Gunn’s decision on rebooting the DC universe.

And according to rumors Alexander and Bill Skarsgard are both up for playing the role of Lex Luthor.

For me, David and Cavill both look the same. And if this was to be done then what was the problem in recasting Cavill? But we have to keep in mind that James Gunn wants to start DC from a blank canvas. And I believe that Gunn neither has made bad pictures nor will he ever make them in the future. Hope that he will not disappoint with Superman: Legacy.

Henry Cavill and Jack Snyder are responsible for all of these issues, in my opinion, since they created the best Superman ever, a character from whom it is hard to move on. Nobody seems to be able to accomplish this better. But eventually we have to make progress. Cavill and Snyder didn’t deserve what happened to them. But as Henry Cavill said, “Don’t expect life to be fair “.

It is expected that Henry Cavill would have already moved on personally. And I know that every time he hears or sees any news about Superman, he will feel a pang of sadness in his heart since he has been left with so many memories. However, it is what it is. But what can be done in this situation? Not everything will be available in life; there will be some suffering; it occurs to everyone; we can all accept it, but we have to move on.

And with all this toxicity around this DCU, I still believe in James Gunn. The Flash, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and Black Adam were not the movies of his vision, these movies were almost made before he joined the DCU. I don’t blame Gunn at all. And I can fully understand that being the new successor of the new DC, he has no right to speak sour about his franchise.

However, according to James Gunn, the actual DC will begin in 2025, with Superman Legacy being the first installment in that universe. After that, whatever film comes out, such as The Authority, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl, and Swamp Thing, in which we hope that none of them are horrible, and if they are, James is right to be teased. And if his forthcoming films flop. So, this will demonstrate that he had a role in generating a horrible picture from the start; otherwise, I don’t believe he is accountable for all of the DC movies that were developed before his joining DC.


Hopefully, when DC will again stand on his legs, we will be able to see Cavill as some retired Superman.

Write your opinions below in the comment section. I know that we are very possessive and personal with Henry Cavill’s Superman but after seeing the cast of the new Superman what you feel please write down it in the comment section.


Who is David Corenswet?

David Corenswet is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in the Netflix series “The Politician” and the HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant.”

Why is he replacing Henry Cavill as Superman?

The reason for Cavill’s departure is not clear. Some reports have said that he was unhappy with the direction of the DC Extended Universe, while others have said that he was simply too busy with other projects.

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