The Witcher Season 1 & 2 Recap. Read this before you watch Season 3

The Witcher Recap

Prologue of The Witcher universe

In the Witcher universe, after the Conjunction of the Spheres happened, it opened a portal bringing together humans, elves, dwarves, and other creatures. The untimely arrival of monsters and demons caused humans a need for monster hunters that can protect them from monsters.

So, they chose some children and sent them to the Witcher school for a deadly trial to transform them into deadly monster hunters. In the Witcher school, the Children are given various fighting training along with some magical improvements.

After passing the final trial named Trial of Grasses, only some selected students became Witcher. After that, the Witchers are granted superhuman strength, and agility and can also use some magical abilities.

The Witcher Season 1

This story is all about a Witcher named Geralt of Rivia.

So, season 1 has multiple timelines so I will specify the years of the events.

In the year 1231, after killing a Kikimora monster, Geralt reaches Blaviken town where he meets princess Renfri. Due to her birth during the prophesized Black Sun or Eclipse, a Wizard named Stregobor was behind her life. At some point, they became the archenemy of each other. Geralt had tried hard to convince her to forget taking revenge and all. But she didn’t agree with him. And unfortunately, to stop the fight between them, Renfri was unwillingly killed by the hands of Geralt. After this incident, Geralt got his name “Butcher of Blaviken. Before dying she told Geralt that the girl in the woods is his destiny. Renfri was referring to Cirilla the princess of Cintra.

In the year 1263, the army of Nilfgaard attacked Cintra to capture Ciri. After waiting for the right time, Ciri’s grandmother Queen Calanthe sent her out of the fort. She said to Ciri to Find The Geralt of Rivia. But the Nilfgaardian commander Cahir caught Ciri. Seeing the destruction of her motherland her powers got activated. She cried and toppled the monolith built outside Cintra. Ciri has got a lot of chaotic energy inside her and near the monolith the chaotic energy gets amplified. Ciri manages to escape as the monolith collapses.

In the year 1206, the story switches to Yennefer of Vengerberg who is of half-elven blood, she is a hunchback from birth, so her father sold her to Tissaia, who is a mage and teaches magic to gifted girls in Aretuza. While training she met with Istredd and became best friends, but she didn’t know that he was a messenger of Stregobor.

the Witcher
Yennefer of Vengerberg

In the year 1240, Geralt meets with Jaskier the bard during a mission. He entertains guests at taverns and inns for money. To write a song on Geralt he went with him on a mission. Before the Conjunction of the Spheres Elves were the main species on the continent, but after the arrival of humans, a fierce fight broke out between the two. Resulting in the mass murder of Elves by the humans. The main culprit of the Geralt’s investigation was Filavandrel the king of Elves. Geralt advised him to avoid hiding in the human habitation and go to another place for their living, and luckily the Elven king obeyed him.

1263, after wandering in the quiet forest Ciri meets with Dara. On the path of finding Ciri the people of Cahir destroyed the home of Dara. Later he revealed that he is an elf.

In the year 1210, On the day of graduation, Yennefer got to know that Istredd was secretly spying on her and he is a messenger of Stregobor. Due to her Elven blood Stregobor wanted to send her to Nilfgaard instead of Aiden. Hearing the news, in anger she went to transform her body after the transformation she became beautiful but had to sacrifice her ability to bear children to undergo her body transformation. Yennefer used her beauty to charm the king of Aiden and instead of her, she sent fellow mage Fringilla to Nilfgaard.

In the year 1243, in the kingdom Timeria, while fighting the Striga monster, Geralt meets with mage Triss Marigold.

Witchers age very slowly and mages can use their magic to stop aging. This is the reason that after serving 30 years at the Aiden kingdom, Yennefer hasn’t aged a bit.

In the year 1240, Queen Kalis’s buggy is attacked by an assassin. Yennefer is with her but after trying very hard she failed to save the queen and her child.

The scene shifts to 1249 where Geralt and Jaskier was present to attend the banquet of Princess Pavetta, the daughter of Queen Calanthe. Where Duny comes and gives a proposal to marry Pavetta. Due to the Law of Surprise Duny has complete rights to marry Pavetta.

So let me explain to you first what Law of Surprise is. In the Witcher universe, when Person A helps Person B, and Person A requests the Law of Surprise in exchange. When Person B safely returns home, the first surprise good news he hears will belong to Person A.

the Witcher cirilla
Princess Cirilla

So in this case Duny helped Pavetta’s father and in return, he requested the Law of Surprise. When the king reaches his palace, he learns that Queen Calanthe is pregnant. So due to this Pavetta belongs to Duny.

After hearing this, Calanthe got angry and orders to kill Duny, but Geralt saved him at the correct moment. However, Pavetta and Duny were already involved in an affair.

For saving his life, Duny asked Geralt to ask for some gifts. Geralt jokingly asks him for the Law of Surprise. The next moment he found out that Pavetta is pregnant. As a result, Geralt gets to claim Pavetta’s daughter Ciri. That’s why Ciri is Geralt’s destiny.

In the year 1263, the troops of Nilfgaard captured Mousesack the right hand of Queen Calanthe to find Ciri. Mousesack is a druid, and he has basic magical powers.

In the year 1256, after a failed attempt to capture a Djinn, Jaskier gets ill very badly. So to heal him he went to a mage named Yennefer, Who retired after the failed to save Kalis. She agreed to help them.

Yennefer thought that Jaskier might be the master of the djinn. After curing Jaskier, Yennefer wanted to solve her problem of never becoming a mother by asking the djinn for a wish. However, she soon realized that Geralt was the master, not Jaskier.

Geralt then asked the djinn for his last wish to save Yennefer’s life. As soon as the wish was fulfilled, the djinn left without harming Yennefer. However, nobody knows what wish Geralt asked for.

In the year 1263, Cahir hired a Doppler to capture Ciri. The Doppler copied Mousesack’s appearance and emotions and killed him. Ciri and Dara were hiding in the Brokilon Forest with other druids when the doppler Mousesack arrived. Ciri believed that he was the real Mousesack, so she and Dara left the forest with him.

In 1262, during a mission to retrieve the Golden and Green Dragon Eggs, Yennefer learned of Geralt’s last wish, which was to have her companionship. She was furious and left him, believing that her feelings for him were not real but a result of the djinn’s spell. Geralt, in turn, blamed Jaskier for his misfortune and left him as well.

Meanwhile, Ciri and Dara realized that the Mousesack they had been traveling with was a Doppler. The Doppler had kidnapped Ciri and disguised himself as her to lure Cahir. However, Cahir quickly realized that the Ciri he was speaking to was not the real one, as dopplers cannot touch silver, and the fake Ciri recoiled from his silver cup. Dara managed to free the real Ciri, but he could no longer travel with her as he was being hunted by Cahir’s men.

1263, Nilfgaard was planning to attack Cintra. After hearing the news, division begins to spread in between the Brotherhood (the council of wizards and mages). Yennefer went to Aretuza with Vilgefortz. Brotherhood decided that they will not participate in the war. But Tissaia, Triss, and Vilgefortz had decided to fight against Nilfgaard. After being convinced by Tissaia, Yennefer agreed to join them.

Before the attack of Nilfgaard, Geralt reached Cintra to save Ciri. Geralt wants to use The Law of Surprise to grant protection to Ciri under him. But Calanthe put him in jail. But when Nilfgaard attacked Cintra then Calanthe realized that Geralt was right, but it was too late. Geralt used the destruction of war as a chance to get out of jail. Queen Calanthe died because of the war. And Ciri was lost in the forest. Pavetta and Duny were killed in a shipwreck just a few days after Ciri was born. After destroying Cintra, Nilfgaardian forces proceeded to capture the northern kingdoms. The team Tissaia went to Sodden Hill. Tissaia thought she could convince the Nilfgaardians by talking to Fringilla, but failed. During the battle we get to know that Vilgefortz is a double agent, he has his personal agenda. Slowly, Nilfgaardians overpowered the Witches. But then Yennefer used fire chaos to kill all Nilfgaardians, and after that, she suddenly disappeared.

Ciri stole a horse from a lady and went to his friends. But after knowing the reality of her friends, she killed them all with his chaos magic and fainted. But the Lady picked up Ciri and brought her home.

After escaping from Cintra, Geralt helped a farmer from monsters but was severely injured. The farmer that Geralt helped is the husband of the lady who bring Ciri to her home. This man picks up the unconscious Geralt and transports him to the farm where Ciri is staying. Geralt regains consciousness after reaching the farm and returns to the forest in quest of Ciri, where he ultimately meets Princess Cirilla. Ciri hugs Geralt and inquires about Yennefer.

The Witcher Season 2

Season 2 begins with Geralt and Ciri on their way to find Yennefer. Tissaia informed Geralt that she maybe died as a result of her overuse of Chaos power. Then he went to meet with his old friend Nivellen. It is Witcher’s version of “Beauty and the Beast” where the beast is Nivellen, and the beauty is Vareena the Bruxa. Nivellen was cursed by a priestess after he raped her. The curse turned him into a beast. Blindly in love with the bruxa, Nivellen did not stop her from killing the innocent people of the city. Geralt killed the bruxa, but left Nivellen alive, which caused Nivellen to feel guilty.

Tissaia took Cahir to Aretuza to torture him and learn the truth behind their attack. Then we learned that Yennefer was alive and had been captured by Fringilla and the Nilfgaardian army. They were taking her to Cintra. But in the middle of their journey, they were attacked by some elves, and both Fringilla and Yennefer were captured by the Elven leader Francisca Findabair. Elves are digging near a monolith. Then Yennefer, Fringilla, and Francisca saw hallucinations in which they find a secret cave to Deathless Mother, a demon who feeds on pain. The Deathless Mother took on different guises and showed all three, the ways to fulfill their purpose. Yennefer saw young Tissaia, Francisca saw Ithlinne, and Fringilla Emhyr.

But Yennefer realized that her powers are gone after the war of Sodden Hill. Geralt took Ciri to his Witcher School Kaer Morhen. Then he meets with Vesemir, the oldest witcher, and father figure of all witchers. After the attack of the mutated Leshy monster, Geralt understands that he can’t hide Ciri. Instead, Ciri had to learn how to protect herself. So, Geralt started her training under the guidance of other Witchers.

Yennefer goes to Aretuza to meet Tissaia, but Stregobor was skeptical about Yennefer and her powers, so he tortures Yennefer to know about all the information. But Tissaia stops him and saves Yennefer, she knew that Yennefer was left with no powers.

Brotherhood decided that to prove her loyalty, Yennefer have to kill Cahir in front of everyone. But instead of killing Cahir in the public execution ceremony, Yennefer escapes from Aretuza with him. In the absence of Cahir, Fringilla gave shelter to Francisca in Nilfgaard. At that time Francisca was pregnant.

During the training a Leshy monster attacked Geralt and Ciri, but a myriapod monster killed it shortly thereafter. The myriapod monster then followed Ciri, but Geralt somehow killed it. For giving Ciri magical training he called Triss at Kaer Morhen.

After inspecting both Myriapod and Leshy, Triss discovered that both the monster has a connection with the monolith. After hearing this, Ciri told Triss that when escaping Cintra she screamed and toppled a monolith. For more investigation Triss Teleported Geralt to Istredd, who has the most knowledge of the monoliths.

On the other hand, Vesemir discovered that Ciri had Elder Blood. This blood only ran in the descendants of the elven sorcerer Lara Dorren, an Elven sorceress and sage. Elder Blood carriers are extremely powerful sorcerers. Until now, everyone believed that Lara’s dynasty had long since died out. However, for the Witchers, finding Elder Blood in Ciri’s body was a major breakthrough. This is because Elder Blood is also used in the process of creating Witchers. Since the extinction of Elder Blood years ago, no new Witchers have been created. This is because Elder Blood is a key ingredient in the mutation process that creates Witchers.

Djikstra, the head of intelligence in the Redanian Kingdom, along with his partner Philippa Eilhart, was planning to capture Cintra. Djikstra made Dara his informant to bring him news from Cintra. Yennefer and Cahir secretly arrived in the city of Oxenfurt. There, they met Jaskier. Jaskier was now secretly working to smuggle elves to Cintra. Following the information provided by Jaskier, Cahir, Dara, and Yennefer boarded a ship and set sail for Cintra. However, Yennefer disembarked at the last moment and went after Jaskier.

A mage named Lydia helped free a fire sorcerer named Rience from prison, then sent him after Ciri. On the path to find Ciri, he encounters Jaskier and captures him. But eventually, Yennefer saves him. After escaping from Rience they got caught by the guards of the city.

Geralt and Istredd are investigating the collapsed monolith outside Cintra. They understood that the monoliths act as a portal to different dimensions and using these portals the monsters coming into this world. This is the exact moment when Geralt knows that Yennefer is still alive.

While searching for Ciri’s power source, Triss was told about Ithlinne’s prophecy. The prophecy foretold that a girl with Elder Blood would destroy the world. As soon as Ciri’s powers were triggered, the monolith in Cintra activated. A Chernobog monster then appeared through the monolith and flew away. Before Ciri could do any more harm, Geralt went straight to Kaer Morhen to stop her. Vesemir was trying to make Witcher mutagen from Ciri’s blood. After seeing that Geralt got very angry.

Cahir and Dara reached Cintra. Deathless Mother told Yennefer to safely escort Ciri outside of Cintra. Doing so she will get her powers back. Yennefer goes to find Ciri. Geralt and Ciri are going to the Temple of Melitele where Ciri will learn to control her powers. But in the middle of their journey, they encountered that Chernobog monster. Luckily Geralt killed it but his horse Roach got killed in this fight. Rience attacked Kaer Morhen and stole Ciri’s blood mutagen sample. Yennefer also reached the temple. She knew that she needed to take Ciri out of Cintra to recover her powers. But Geralt would not allow this.

After many years, Francisca gave birth to a full-blooded elf child. In Cintra, they were celebrating. Fringilla knew that King Emhyr would soon be coming to Cintra.

During their research, Istredd discovered that Ciri has a bloodline connection to Lara Dorren. Tissaia and Vilgefortz learned that Ciri is of the Elder Blood.

Rience attacked the temple, and Yennefer used this opportunity to open a portal using Ciri’s magic and escape with her. Geralt went to Jaskier, who told him that Yennefer had lost her powers and was under the control of the Deathless Mother. So, Yennefer kidnaps Ciri under the Deathless Mother’s deception. But Ciri realized that Yennefer had kidnapped her, and her powers activated. This alerted nearby Nilfgaardian soldiers. But at that moment, Geralt arrived with Jaskier and saved Ciri from the Nilfgaardian soldiers. He then sent Ciri to Kaer Morhen with Jaskier.

Someone killed Francisca’s child. When she saw this, she cried out in pain. The Deathless Mother (Voleth Meir) absorbed this pain and escaped from her imprisoned hut. Voleth Meir’s soul entered Ciri. After gaining control of Ciri’s body, she began to kill the witchers of Kaer Morhen one by one. Using Ciri’s powers, Voleth Meir found that there was a monolith inside Kaer Morhen. She opened a portal and summoned monsters. A battle broke out between the witchers and the monsters. Yennefer transferred Voleth Meir into her own body so that Ciri would not be harmed during the fight.

After regaining consciousness, Ciri went to another dimension with Geralt and Yennefer. There, they learned that an army called the Wild Hunt was also after Ciri. Voleth Meir left Yennefer’s body and joined the Wild Hunt. Ciri panicked and teleported back to Kaer Morhen. Luckily, Yennefer regained her powers.

When the Brotherhood of Sorcerers learned that the Redanian king was searching for Ciri, they put a bounty on her head. Francisca, who was seeking revenge for the death of her baby, murdered all the babies in Redania.

When Emhyr arrived in Cintra, he imprisoned Fringilla and Cahir. We got to know that Emperor Emhyr is Ciri’s father, Duny and that he was the one who killed Francisca’s baby.


The Witcher Season 3 is live on Netflix. The season will pick up where Season 2 left off, with Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer still reeling from the events of the previous season. The Wild Hunt is still out there, and they will not give up on her. Ciri’s powers are growing stronger, and she is beginning to learn how to control them. However, she is also becoming a target for those who want to use her power for their gain.

I hope you liked this recap. If you haven’t read our review of The Witcher season 3 then read it here.


Why is The Witcher 3 only 5 episodes?

The Witcher season 3 is not only 5 episodes. It is 8 episodes, but they are being released in two parts.

Who is the strongest in the Witcher series?

Ciri is considered to be the most powerful character in the Witcher series. She is the last inheritor of the Elder Blood, which gives her several unique and powerful abilities, such as teleportation, superhuman strength, and invulnerability.

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