Top 5 Domain expansion users in Jujutsu Kaisen as per Ch. 236: And the top 1 is not what you expected

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Rasengan, Bankai, Gomu Gomu No Pistol, Kamehameha, etc. are various powers and abilities of different animes. Similarly in Jujutsu Kaisen, all characters have different abilities like Black flash and the Ten shadows technique. But there is one technique that only Elite sorcerers can use, Domain expansion. It is the topmost power a Jujutsu Sorcerer can achieve. In the manga, only 12 sorcerers can properly use domain expansion.

And today we will rank the top 5 domain expansion users among the 12 sorcerers. Before we talk about the top 5 domain expansion users in Jujutsu Kaisen, let me tell you what domain expansion is, what are the various types of domain expansions, their powers, and their weaknesses.

Domain expansion is the last resort for a Jujutsu sorcerer because this technique burns a lot of curse energy from the user. And they can use it for one time once a day. But except for the king of curses Sukuna, the honored one Gojo and Hakari. Among the three, Hakari can only use domain expansion multiple Times if it complies with certain conditions, but Sukuna and Gojo can use the domain expansion multiple times in a day without any conditions.

Domain Expansion is a technique used by a Jujutsu Sorcerer in which the Sorcerer creates a barrier in a specific area. Inside the barrier is a different space in itself, and the Sorcerer can control and manipulate it. Some domain has a barrier, and some don’t.

There are two types of domains:

1) Lethal domain: In the lethal domain, the cursed energy of the user is amplified, and the user can use its cursed technique inside the domain with a sure hit factor (The curse technique will impact the enemy in the domain with 100% probability even if it is Gojo). Examples are Gojo’s Unlimited Void and Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine.

2) Non-lethal domain: In the non-lethal domain the user has to follow certain rules to use its cursed technique inside the domain expansion. Hiromi’s Death Sentence and Hakari’s Idle Death Gamble are two examples of Non-lethal domains.

There are a few downsides of using domain expansion. Firstly, it burns a lot of cursed energy from the user so after using the domain the user may face cursed energy burnout.

Second, those domains that have a barrier are strong from the inside but weak from the outside. Meaning anything can break their domain from outside and vice versa. Which we observed in the Gojo vs Sukuna fight in chapter 236.

The Top 5 Domain Expansion Users

5) Mahito’s Self-Embodiment of Perfection

Mahito domain expansion

Mahito’s cursed technique is Idle Transfiguration. In his Domain, his cursed technique amplifies, and he unintentionally touches all beings inside his domain expansion and transforms them into Disfigured Humans. It’s a lethal and barriered domain.

But this is also a weakness of his domain against Yuji Itadori, who is the vessel of Sukuna. So, he unintentionally touches Sukuna and Sukuna attacks Mahito’s soul and severely injures him.

4) Kenjaku’s Womb profusion

kenjaku domain expansion

Kenjaku’s Domain expansion is lethal and barrier-less. When used, it summons a tower of cursed wombs merged. However, Kenjaku is a very mysterious character in JJK, so his domain powers are also remained unknown. However, according to fan theories, his domain expansion has the power to manipulate Gravity.

3) Hakari’s Idle Death Gamble

hakari domain expansion

It’s a non-lethal domain expansion. Inside Hakari has to play a gambling game based on the real-life game Pachinko. He has to hit a jackpot for using his Cursed technique inside his domain. The chances of hitting Jackpot are very low (1 out of 239). But Hakari is insanely lucky, so he sometimes hits the jackpot.

After hitting the jackpot Hakari is granted godlike strength for 4 min. & 11 sec. straight. In this period of time, he can use unlimited cursed energy and his body automatically heals with reversed cursed energy.

2) Gojo Satoru’s Unlimited Void

Gojo domain expansion

It’s a lethal and barriered domain. Inside this, the target reaches a limitless void. Where the target’s brain and other sensory organs are overwhelmed by infinite information and the target is completely immobilized.

In the latest season of JJK, Satoru opened it for nearly 0.2 seconds to kill disfigured humans and cursed spirits, but normal humans also got inside the barrier and got affected by his domain. They were exposed to around 6 months of information in that very short period of time. It affected them very badly and left them unconscious while standing.

1) Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine

sukuna domain expansion

Sukuna’s domain is a lethal and barrier-less domain. In his domain, he attacks with slashes, and its slashes are guaranteed to hit. Sukuna uses two types of slashes: Cleave and Dismantle. Cleave attack will hit those who have cursed energy and Dismantle will hit the inanimate objects.

The probability of a hit is 100%, even Gojo’s infinity could not defend him. His domain has a range of 200 meters, so if anything is 200 meters within the range of his domain will be chopped into pieces. It is the most powerful jjk barrierless domain.

Why Sukuna is in No. 1 position ?

Sukuna always feared Gojo’s domain so during their fight his first and foremost plan was to counter Gojo’s domain. And he did that by using Mahoraga. He knew that if got hit by an unlimited void he would simply die. Sukuna even got hit by it for a few seconds and he got completely freezed.

In the manga, it’s mentioned that their domains are equal. So after this why I ranked Sukuna at 1st position if Unlimited Void is so powerful. In the battle between Gojo and Sukuna, their domain clashed about 3 to 4 times, in which Sukuna won 3 times. It’s because Sukuna and Gojo’s domain are equal within the barrier, but Sukuna’s domain doesn’t have one.

From the perspective of being deadly, Satoru’s Domain clearly slaps but in Sukuna’s domain, he can use several other techniques like Domain Amplification which is not possible for anyone. And as a Heian-era sorcerer, Sukuna’s understanding of Jujutsu is very high.

Also in Ch. 236 Gojo admitted that without Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique Sukuna could still have won. He also said that Sukuna hasn’t even gone all out against Gojo.

So, the Malevolent Shrine is as powerful as Unlimited Void, but Sukuna knows how to use it in a better way. Also, he uses some tactics that make the Malevolent Shrine more powerful than Gojo’s domain.


So, these are the Top 5 most powerful domain expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen as per Chapter 236.

Also, tell me which domain expansion you think is the most powerful.


does yuji itadori have domain expansion?

Yuji Itadori doesn’t possess any domain expansion.

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