Transformers: Rise of the Beast movie review and Why it Feels Refreshing?

Transformers: Rise of the Beast


The Transformers: Rise of the Beast is finally out in theatres it was a much-anticipated summer movie, and I was a little excited to see it because the last Transformers movie wasn’t that good. Then after that came Bumblebee, Which I liked a lot. Since then, these people have rebooted the universe, and this movie is the Sequel to the Bumblebee movie. The plot of the movie is the same as what we saw in the trailer. If you have not seen it, then it will be better to take the chance.

The Autobots were the same, apart from this, two new species have been introduced. Named Maximals and Terrorcons. Which, Terrorcons and their backstory were not properly described.They just named a new big villain named Unicron.

Unicron reaches Earth with his heretic servant Scourge and his Terrorcons. But Scourge is a new foe for Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime also knows nothing about the Maximals. Why is this and why has Scourge finally come to Earth? What the unicorn needs from Earth, you will know all these things only after seeing the picture.

My thoughts on this movie:

But if I talk about the movie Transformers Rise of the Beast, it has a Transformers movie vibe to it, but it also has a completely distinct feel. So far, there have been six Total films in the Transformers franchise. On the other hand, Michael Bay has directed five of these, excluding Rise of the Beast.

Because of this, the former five movies belong to Bayverse and have a typical feel. Now, the Bumblebee that arrived was unique to all of them, and its vibe was completely different, which is why seeing it feels so refreshing.

But if you go to see Rise of the Beast, then once again they have tried to recreate those larger-than-life things from Michael Bay movies a little too much, from start to finish, and sometimes it works but sometimes it does not. Then, because this is a Transformers movie, it must have surely concentrated on action, therefore this movie has a lot of action, that is too action-packed, and I believed the action component of the movie works well because the movie delivers it. And because it is what you will experience.

However, I believed that the movie’s CGI was bad in many areas since I was noting that the Transformers were bogus, and the problem is that Transformers are produced exclusively from VFX, and every frame had Transformers, so that thing was obvious in every single frame. Although the last act is excellent and the CGI issue is not apparent.

The Transformers appear to be larger in Bayverse, but there is no distinction in their design. That is, they all look the same, and if Optimus and another Transformer fought, it was unclear who was killing whom. But in this film, I don’t feel that way at all. Transformers are bright and colourful, so you won’t be confused by anyone’s design. And that is the finest part of the action: everything is clear.

The thing I enjoyed about this movie is that these folks are serious about the Transformers world, and they are honest, which means that the plot is carrying on a nice way in terms of Transformers’ lore. This implies that everything that occurs in the movie also happens in cartoons, thus die-hard Transformers fans will like this film as well. Then, in the film, Mirage’s character was appealing to me; he carried the film for me, and his and Noah’s on-screen chemistry is excellent; when both of them are on screen, you love watching. Their banter is amusing, and you can identify with Mirage and Noah’s characteristics. Unlike past films in which you couldn’t relate as much with human beings, this one does. Bumblebee felt the same way.

But, in addition to this, I’d want to point out that, other than these two characters, I didn’t find any other characters to be as sympathetic or to have any connection, and Optimus is also portrayed as an angry brute type. In the beginning, an attempt was made to give him a little character arc, which does not seem entirely justified.

Michael Bay directed the five films, all of which revolved around various McGuffin, and this film does as well. I’m not saying it’s incorrect, but it’s not very well-worded.

The story of the movie doesn’t progress very well and doesn’t give any character a proper character background whether it is antagonist or protagonist, apart from our human character Noah Diaz, none of the Transformers has been given enough screen time to show off their character. It seems that all Transformers are part of his life when it should be the other way around.  I went to the theatres to watch a movie about a Transformer, not a movie about a human in whose life Transformers are coming.

Positive things about the movie:

  • The movie’s action is its life, and the movie’s action is excellent. The beginning of the film is action-packed, and there is action in the middle of the film. The movie’s climax is filled with action and is a lot of fun to see. The opening scene of the film sets the tone for the rest of the film, making you think, “Yes, this looks good,” but then something happens that takes you by surprise, and then the struggle for the finale is well done.
  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are two of the most popular Transformers among fans. However, it is very tough for other Transformers to establish a place in the hearts of any Transformers fans, but Mirage performs this job. For me, Mirage’s character was the greatest part of this movie, very well-written, and he was a highlight of the movie. There’s also Bumblebee, but that’s all there is.
  • The film is really honest about the Lores of Transformers, and if future films are like this, we will witness many amazing things.
  • The voice performers have also done an excellent job, particularly Peter Cullen, who plays Optimus Prime. And a particular thanks to Pete Davidson, who contributed to Mirage’s voice; this man is everywhere.

Negative points of the movie:

  • First and foremost, the film’s scripting is poor, and the plot components are poorly utilized. I mean, all of the characters in the film are just touched from above, and the film does not strive to adequately explain the narrative aspects of the film, simply telling us that this is the thing that will create this so-and-so happen. Nothing is spoken about where it came from, how it got there, or what will happen. The film makes little attempt to delve deeply into Transformers’ mythos.
  • Then, as I already stated, the VFX in the film is uneven in various instances. However, the VFX is impressive in several situations, but it is noticeable in many areas.
  • Then some of the film’s exchanges felt needless and cringe-worthy. Mirage and Noah’s brother’s dialogue seemed entirely unimportant to me.
  • Then I feel that the movie is not taking such a big risk to do something new. This means if you pick up five pictures of Michael Bay, then somewhere you will get this movie is like the combination template of those five movies. Just a little bit of story here and there and Maximal and Terrorcons have been introduced.


So overall Transformers Rise of the Beast is a good movie that will deliver a lot in terms of action because it’s a Transformers movie but at the end of the day, this movie brings us back to where we are in every Transformers movie, between Earth and the humans. The movie neither explains the lore of the Transformers nor their universe nor does it take too many big risks.


When can I watch Transformers: Rise of the Beasts at home?

Currently, you can watch the movie at your nearest theatres only but it will eventually land on paramount +

Is Transformers: Rise of the Beasts The Last Transformers movie?

No, it’s not. Paramount has already been confirmed about the Transformers 8. It doesn’t have a release date yet but could release by 2025 or 2026.

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