Top 10 most powerful kaijus in the Monsterverse

A massive, mammalian titan first appeared in the  2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. After Godzilla defeats Ghidorah, Behemoth, and the other Titans submit to him as the new alpha Titan.


First featured in the 2021 graphic novel Kingdom Kong, is a bat-like Titan. It's fast, agile, and attacks from above


King Kong  

A giant gorilla-like titan, who first appeared in 1933. No introduction needed.


Mothra is a giant moth who is known for her benevolence and protective nature. She can generate powerful ultrasonic waves and silk threads.


A giant pterodactyl with incredible speed and flying ability. He can also generate powerful shockwaves with his wings.


A giant sea serpent that is capable of generating massive tsunamis and earthquakes.

MUTO Prime  

A giant moth that can shatter buildings and disable other Titans with ultrasonic waves. 



A powerful android created by humans to destroy Godzilla. It is armed with a variety of weapons, including laser cannons, missiles, and a freeze ray.

King Ghidorah

A Three-headed dragon with incredible power. He can breathe gravity beams from his mouths, which can cause massive destruction.


A powerful monster with incredible strength, durability, regenerative abilities, and atomic breath that can destroy most opponents. 

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