Yuji Is Dead? JJK Season 3

Yuji Itadori fighting dead

Jujutsu Kaisen is getting more intense as season 2 ended with our many favorite characters’ accidents and deaths. After Gojo is sealed, the students face several dangers on their path.

In this article, I will discuss about the Yuji’s Extermination arc. And news and rumors about the JJK season 3 release date.

This arc starts in chapter 138 and continues still chapter 143.

This chapter is based on the aftermath of the Shibuya arc.

After Jogo killed Naobito, the leader of the Zenin clan during the Shibuya arc, the position of leader of the Zenin clan was left vacant. There were three candidates up for the role: Naoya Zenin (Naobito’s son), Ogi Zenin (Maki & Mai’s father), and Jinichi Zenin (Cousin of Naoya).

Because Naoya is Naobito’s son, so he was chosen as the 27th leader of the Zenin clan. And now he can inherit all the cursed tools of the Jujutsu High and the Zenin family.

However, Naobito has a written agreement that his son will be the next leader after his death. But, if Satoru Gojo dies or becomes mentally weakened for any reason during the leader selection process, Megumi Fushiguro will take his place.

After hearing the agreement Naoya got furious and went in search of Megumi to kill him. He traced that Megumi was at Shibuya station with Yuji and headed there.

Yuji is in Shibuya with Choso, and he is concerned about the present Sukuna of 15 fingers. So he considered isolating himself from others due to the risk of Sukuna, which could take over him at any time.

But during this Naoya enters and cuts the conversation between Choso and Yuji. And tells that Gojo is now sealed and the execution order over Yuji has now been started. Their battle begins, but before Naoya even attacks Yuji, Yuta enters the battle and chases Yuji to kill him. (Because he has a binding vow with the Zenin clan that he might kill Yuji Itadori.)

So, Naoya instead of going after Yuji takes the fight against Choso. Yuji stands no chance in front of Yuta. Yuta, with the help of Rika, stabs Yuji in the chest and kills him. On the other hand, Choso is blasted by Naoya and bleeds heavily; however, Choso utilizes his blood manipulation technique to use that blood and nearly kills Naoya. But Yuta arrives with Yuji’s dead body and hits Choso, causing him to faint. And then uses the reverse curse technique to heal Naoya. He tells Naoya to go to his clan and inform all of the seniors that Yuji has died.

yuta okkotsu pfp

After that Yuji wakes up from his deathbed and sees Yuta sitting in front of him, then Yuta explains everything to Yuji, that Gojo Sensei has ordered him to look after the current first and second-year students. Gojo knew that if something bad happened to him the higher-ups would announce the execution order of Yuji.

Yuji questioned Yuta: Why would you kill me in the first place? Yuta said that he had a binding vow with higher-ups that instructed him to assassinate Yuji Itadori. But after killing Yuji he used the reverse cursed technique to heal him. That way the binding vow was also completed and Yuji survived.

Jin Itadori and Kaori Itadori

In chapter 143, we learn about the Mother & Father of Yuji. Yuji’s father, Jin Itadori married Kaori Itadori. She died in some unknown circumstance before they could have a child. But Kenjaku (Which is now present in the body of Geto) possessed the body of Kaori and then gave birth to Yuji.

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date yet for Jujutsu Kaisen season 3. While a third season was confirmed shortly after season 2 ended in December 2023, they haven’t revealed any specifics about when it might air.

Based on past production timelines, several possibilities emerge:

  • Earliest: 2025 seems most likely, following the roughly two-year gap between seasons 1 and 2.
  • Later: Some speculate it could even be 2026, depending on various factors like production complexity and scheduling.

While we wait for an official announcement, here’s what we know:

  • Story Arcs: Season 3 will adapt the manga’s “Culling Game” arc.
  • Streaming: Crunchyroll likely remains the home for Jujutsu Kaisen, though that could change by release time.