Zenin Clan execution by Maki (Perfect Preparation Arc) explained: JJK Season 3

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In this article, we will discuss the Zenin clan execution by Maki and the complete Perfect Preparation Arc. Which takes place after Itadori’s Extermination Arc.

After getting permission from Megumi, Maki went to the Zenin clan to collect the curse tools. Naoya and Maki’s mother welcomes Maki by insulting her very brutally, telling her that she doesn’t have cursed energy and that her face was once beautiful and has now been burnt.

But Maki ignores all of their words and keeps walking. She opens the gate of the warehouse where all the cursed objects are stored. She is shocked to see that the vault contains no cursed tools; the only thing she sees inside is her father Ogi, who is sitting next to her sister Mai, whom he has sliced across the abdomen. Her father expected them to take the tools, so he disposed all of them beforehand.

Afterward, we learned about the evil plan of the Zenin clan. The higher-ups have announced 5 rules, one of them is: that unsealing Gojo will be considered a criminal act. So Naoya and all the Zenin members conspire to execute Megumi, Maki, and Mai for trying to unseal Gojo.

Maki confronts her father with her cursed weapon Dragon-bone, which can collect the force and cursed energy and eject the energy out of the back of the blade by the user’s will. She manages to break her father’s katana but Ogi extends his Katana with his cursed technique and cuts Maki.

Ogi drags both of his daughters to a chamber filled with cursed spirits of Grade 2 and below and leaves them to be eaten by those.

Inside the chamber, Mai kisses Maki and they wake up on a beach. She tells Maki that the cursed energy treats twins as a single entity. Mai was born with cursed energy but Maki’s little cursed energy limited her. The same thing happens with Maki, if she wants to get stronger no matter how she trains herself, she will not reach her true potential due to her sister. As Mai dies, she takes away all the cursed energy with her, allowing Maki to reach her full potential.

She tells Maki to promise her to “Destroy everything”. After Mai’s sacrifice, Maki gets a heavenly restricted body.

After Maki wakes up, she finds a replica of the split soul katana in her hand. At that moment many cursed spirits started to attack her, and with a single slash, she exorcised all the cursed spirits.

Ogi thought that both were dead. As he went to meet other clan members, he felt that all cursed spirits were exorcised. Then he sees Maki coming out from the chamber, and with a single slash, she cuts off the head of her father.

Then all the members of the Zenin clan alerted that Maki had gone mad and killed his father. The Kukuru unit is sent to confront Maki, but she slices them all. The 4 strongest members of the clan were also not able to stop her. And gets annihilated.

Then Maki comes face to face with Naoya. Where Naoya senses that Maki has got the physical strength of Toji. As the battle begins between them Naoya gains an edge using his cursed technique and deals a good amount of damage to Maki. But Maki then analyses his technique and with a single punch, she nearly kills him.

During this execution, her mother isn’t left behind and gets critically injured by Maki. But Naoya has not died yet so Maki’s mother comes from the back and stabs him with a knife ensuring that Naoya and she die together.

And with this Maki killed the whole Zenin clan.

The official announcement says that the whole Zenin clan has been killed. Not a single trace of cursed energy has been detected and the one who is the culprit also remains a mystery. After some time, the Kamo and Gojo clans removed the Zenin clan from the three big families.

After being suspended from the Jujutsu high, Hakari a third-year student, started an Underground Fight Club.

In search of Hakari, Yuji, and Megumi went to the fight club of Hakari. But before they enter the club, they change their attire to avoid getting caught because they are from Jujutsu High. And their relationship is like cops and robbers.

Megumi manages to get Yuji in as a fighter and fortunately for Yuji, his opponent is Panda. Panda intentionally helps Yuji win this fight so that he can meet Hakari. Yuji is called to meet with Hakari.

While Yuji Is meeting with Hakari, Megumi and Panda sneak into the building, but get caught by Hakari’s partner Kirara Hoshi. Panda and Megumi tell Kirara that they are not their enemies. But Kirara doesn’t believe in them and sends a warning to Hakari.

Hakari meets with Yuji and tells him to join his group. During their meeting, Hakari gets a call from Kirara that something is suspicious going on. Hakari accuses Yuji of being a spy from Jujutsu High and proceeds to attack him.

Yuji takes all the attacks from Hakari until Hakari breaks out. At last, Hakari recognizes Yuji’s will and agrees to cut the deal with their group. They tell Him about everything that happened in the Shibuya, that Gojo has been sealed, and about the Culling games.

Hakari decided to help them in the culling games but with one condition, they have to support Hakari to legalize his fight club. Megumi says that with his position as the leader of the Zenin clan, it will be very easy. Unknowing to Megumi, Maki annihilates the Zenin clan the next day.

Interrupting their discussion, Yuji’s (Yuji hasn’t yet participated but Sukuna is considered as a player) Kogane comes and tells them a new rule has been added in the culling game, by Hajime Kashimo. After looking up the points table they see Hajime Kashimo and Higuruma have more than a hundred points. So they plan to hunt Hajime Kashimo and Higuruma.

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