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So, after three years of anticipation, Extraction 2 is now available on Netflix. It’s an action-packed film, and in this post, we’ll look at the film’s great and negative aspects.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Extraction 2 Story Explained

Talking about the story of the film, like in the previous movie where it was left on a cliffhanger whether Tyler is still alive or dead. In this movie, it is revealed that Tyler was kept in a hospital for nine months after rescuing him from Bangladesh, which is a metaphor for a new birth. Tyler has retired from his job and living happily in his new life, but suddenly one day Idris Elba comes by the name of Alcott, who asks for Tyler’s help to get his (Tyler’s) ex-wife’s sister and her child released from the Georgian prison, now how can Tyler turn that down?

He forms a group and successfully frees everyone from jail. And getting out isn’t simple; the entire 20-minute one-take-action shot is action-packed and entertaining to see. However, Tyler’s actions cause Zurab to seek vengeance after his ex-wife’s sister’s husband is killed early in the extraction, resulting in a cascade of uncontrolled events. Zurab is now on the trail of Tyler and his sister-in-law, intent on killing them. And he is the most powerful person in his position. Tyler is unable to accept retirement after all of this since he is obliged to join Alcott’s organization to get himself, Nik, out of there again, which hints at us Extraction 3.

Tyler matures as a character because, after rescuing his ex-wife’s sister, he wanted to show how his relationship with his ex-wife ends on a positive note. As we see Tyler in Guilt, that he was purposefully absent when his son died of cancer in the hospital, and by the time Tyler realized his mistake, it was too late. Even in this difficult moment, his wife has left him. He saves his sister to fix the same mistake or to tell his ex-wife, Mia in some sort of way. Let At the very least, he will be able to win a little respect in his own eyes, or the eyes of his wife Mia, for “trying to make a little atonement.”

Positive Points

  • The movie doesn’t fall into the trap of a classic sequel. The film is not as unexpected as the other ones because you are adapted to the same aesthetic, but it is still not bad. It retains its dignity and respect. Sam Hargrave keeps the suspense alive by knowing the film’s conclusion. The action sequences are well-produced. It fills you with such zeal that your souls are on fire. That first 20-minute single take-action shot he shot was his best, and it was excellent. You will sense artificial stability in the interim. But after that, certain shootings feel so out of this world that I’m willing to spend out of my wallet to learn and comprehend how they shot it.
  • It makes sense to cover your cuts in rapid twists, walls, and explosions. But look in the middle of that, from handheld to strap-on camera, then handheld again, with three distinct lenses and no zoom-in-zoom-out like Zack Snyder’s picture. I’m curious how they managed to cover up the cuts. It’s a lot of fun to see all of those things, and it’s fascinating to see how far our Creators are pushing the technological bounds.
  • This is not your normal action picture; it is a cut above. Seriousness is always vital, and instead of expanding the universe in the second half, Sam has provided Tyler with personal growth, as well as Nik Khan is given excellent development.

Negative Aspects

This is one of those classic types of pictures where we can spend all day nit-picking.

  • Even though Tyler’s narrative is highly personal, there is no emotional impact or tight familial bonding.
  • Extraction 1’s vaguely South Asian, Indian, and Bangladeshi tone gave Tyler and the franchise an identity, to begin with. In contrast to the prequel, it feels a little dull. That background lacks that identification sense, and as a result, the image becomes rapidly forgotten. Since, at first, they provided that distant relationship, but they are not significant enough to be worth worrying about.


As previously said, some nit-picking may be readily overlooked. Tyler’s next globe-throttling expedition will discover even more cultures and weave even more identities. Despite this, even with its bare-bones premise, it’s a nice escapist film.

This is cutting-edge narrative entertainment that delivers bone-crunching and bloody brutality without hesitation. In which Extraction is transformed into a pure cinematic adrenaline rush. It was interesting to witness.


Extraction 2 release date on Netflix

16 June 2023

Is there Extraction 3?

Yes, Director Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth unveiled this at the Netflix TUDUM event.